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Looking after the next generation with the best technological solutions

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Who are we?

A company composed of experts in the field of Information Technology and Software Development, Prince Technologies Corporation more popularly called PrinceTech serves as the Philippines’ Top Technological Firm today. As the leader in SAAS and PAAS technology, PrinceTech is backed by it’s rigorous trainings, certifications and partnerships. All of these make up the company’s reigning prowess in the management software industry in the Philippines.

The journey to the top has been and will always be a top priority amongst Prince Technologies Corporation's board, employees, and partners.

A shared passion since 1997, the company has rebranded itself internally and externally in order to ensure that growth and change is perpetual and continuously upwards. From the original name of Prince JC to the Prince Technologies Corporation or PrinceTech of today, the company together with all its stakeholders will hold true a tradition of continuing excellence and glory.

App Developer

As the preferred software provider of universities, local and international companies, educational establishments and training facilities in the Philippines today.

Prince Technologies is humbled, honored and grateful to be a part of the nation’s arms in building the new generation of Filipinos. The company will endlessly and purposely safeguard quality education, through the various products, technologies and systems it will continue to research on, develop and perfect so that our race can be globally competitive and holistically ready to face all future challenges, therefore ensuring a stronger and more sustainable nation.


Learn about the guiding principles that drive PrinceTech to succeed.

Guaranteed Reliable Local Technical Support

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Committed to provide turn-key solutions which are efficient and practical - due to the availability and exclusivity of source codes and resources locally.

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Cloud Based Application focused & Web-based application centric; as part of the shared goal of practicality and accessibility to various clients.

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Accessibility to all is our priority; PrinceTech is always economical and competitively priced against local and foreign vendors.

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With a multitude of educational facilities utilizing our technologies, PrinceTech is committed to continuously innovate and improve our existing business processes and systems and constantly introduce only the best in class products and services for the uplift of the educational system.

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Our Mission

To continuously provide the best in class business solutions and products which will positively affect the better performance, efficiency,  and capabilities of our clients, and partners as we together create gainful and advantageous effects for ourselves and our nation.

Our Vision

To be the preferred technological organization in the Philippines for providing unfailing solutions, expertise, and service in the software and hardware industries.

To be the benchmark of excellence in providing school management and business solutions locally and internationally.

Let's do today what will help the next generation tomorrow.

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