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The leading Software as a Service provider in the Philippines for its comprehensive School Managment Solutions

Prince Technologies Corporation provides school management system and services. Backed by Princetech's cutting edge software products which are expertly developed and managed by our software engineers, developers, IT consultants and partners.

PrinceTech not only puts premium on product development and diversification but also in our customer centric approach in providing after sales support which ensures that we deliver services based on customer requirements.


As Prince Technologies Corporation has long advocated for the uplift in the Philippines’ educational system, the company has also dedicated it’s time in building a most powerful combination of the best in class, industry-proven practices and standards with a vast range of technical and technological competencies. 

PRIISMS Online logo

Princetech Integrated School Management System

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Personnel Management Attendance and Payroll System

Among these, it is unquestionable as to how PrinceTech soars to be the leader in Software Management Systems for the Philippines Educational Institutions. 

Interested to find out more about PrinceTech services and products?

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