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As the preferred Software provider of Universities, Local and International Companies, Educational establishments and Training facilities in the Philippines today, Prince Technologies is humbled, honored and grateful to be the part of the nation’s arms in building the new generation of Filipinos. 


Smarter schooling with PRIISMS Online

Our hassle-free school administration platform helps institutions like these revolutionize their school experience. 

Bulacan Agricultural State College

Since 2020

University of Northern Philippines

Since 2021

Universal College of Parañaque (UCP)

Since 2020

Hope Christian High School (HCHS)

Since 2017

Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University

Since 2019

Bulacan Agricultural State College

Since 2020

MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy (MMMA)

Since 2019

Everest Academy

Since 2017

Legazpi Hope Christian School

Since 2022

Don Honorio Ventura State University

Since 2020

Jose Maria College (JMC)

Since 2019

Philippine Christian University

Since 2022

Gideon Academy

Since 2020

Central Mindanao University

Since 2019

Marinduque State College

Since 2022

University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines

Since 2020

Infant Jesus Academy – Pampanga (IJAP)

Since 2018

Empower your team with PMAPS Online

Our cloud-based software helps companies and institutions efficiently manage their business with an all-in-one solution.

Bulacan State University

Since 2022

Don Honorio Ventura  State University

Since 2021

Jose Maria College

Since 2019

Boys Scout of the Philippines

Since 2017

Cosmetique Asia Corporation

2016 – 2022

Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

Since 2021

Cloud Service Partner


There is no better Cloud service than AWS and you can truly maximize this technology with Prince Technologies. Our longstanding relationship with AWS has made us capable of delivering the most functional, secure and advanced innovations that come alongside the AWS service.

AWS Cloud Service Partner logo





Complete and comprehensive online enrollment system from enrollment to graduation

No capital expenditures in putting up a costly data center, a fully automated system giving ease and headache-free operations involved in the enrollment process


Uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud Platform (Scalable Server & 99.9% Uptime)

One of the top 3 International Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers that is accessible and upgradable on demand anytime, and anywhere in the world.

24/7 Server Monitoring

Princetech Security Measure that is free of charge as compared to buying expensive security services and devices if you put your own data center

With Regular Penetration Testing Procedure

Additional security feature on our system to make sure that breaches and hacking are addressed giving you peace of mind protecting your database

With Comprehensive After Sales Support and Escalation

Guaranteed Support via PDesk Online System to ensure that all concerns are documented and resolved on time

Lifetime Software Updates and support on bugs and fixes

Dedicated developers continuously working on the upgrades to be at par with technology updates and best practices

IPO and Data Privacy Compliance

Our System is duly registered and complies with the Government Privacy Act of 2012


On-Premise File Servers and Network Drives are expensive to purchase. The Hardware takes up a lot of space and might be rather expensive up front. It may not be possible to justify the cost depending on the size of the organization, you only pay for the storage you use with cloud-based storage systems. This pricing flexibility avoids wasting money.


It takes a full-time job to keep network file servers running. It is an essential requirement for any company in order to provide good customer experience to all users. Companies can reduce their dependency on its administration services by investing in a cloud-based storage solution


Server rooms, as any IT Administrator can attest, are not often the most luxurious of settings. They're either too hot to bear due to insufficient air circulation and ventilation, or they're too cold due to the air conditioner running full blast. Network File Servers use a lot of energy in both of these scenarios. Server power usage accounts for a significant amount if an organization's energy expense.


Over time, an organization might undergo a lot of changes. Workloads change, employees and students come and go, but a cloud-based storage solution can be tailored to match any organization's needs.


Any IT Administrator's job has become easier since creating backups of user files and essential data has become standard practice. Any workflow can now include an automatic offsite backup thanks to Cloud Storage Providers. It's never been easier to restore a system and retrieve up-to-date backup files from the cloud in the case of a system breakdown


Dragon Pay

Experience the PrinceTech edge and be a part of our satisfied customers.

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