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Your secret weapon for hassle-free school administration!

With PRIISMS Online, you'll have everything you need in one convenient place - from enrollment, schedules to grade encoding and accounting. Whether you're a teacher, parent, or student, PRIISMS Online puts you in control. It's time to revolutionize your school experience with PRIISMS Online - smarter schooling, brighter future!


Create/View Upcoming News and Events Module Setup Module

  • Academic Year/Term Class Sectioning Institution and Campus Scholarship Management

  • Grade Points Customization Student Grade Rankings Chart of Accounts

  • Payment Options School Policy in Grades Curriculum Builder Customizable policies Faculty Class Assigning

  • Assigning of subject area coordinators Assigning adviser

  • Academic Setup Academic Calendar Setup

  • School Year and Semester Schedule and Setup

  • Admission and Testing Module Online application feature Applicant’s profile Admission test results and requirements checklist

  • Interview assessment

  • Qualifiers’ results notification via applicant’s email Customizable admission reports

  • Admission statistics/Admission Test Ranking


Revolutionize your school experience with PRIISMS Online!

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